Sunday, January 13, 2008

Lawful Entry

By Kuldip Dhiman
SHE is still a student pursuing her masters in Law. Specialising in constitutional law from Panjab University, Radhika Thapar already has had two of her books published and the third is to be released soon. That is not surprising, for besides having a good command of the subject, she also has a talent for expressing complicated legal terms in a readable prose. But what is she writing about?

"These books are part of a series called Legal Helpline for students. My first book was the Law of Contract, the second one was Jurisprudence and the one to be released soon is about the Hindu Law."

How did she get interested in writing? " I always loved expressing my feelings on paper, then I had a few book reviews and articles accepted by The Tribune. That really was a shot in the arm, and I took up writing more seriously after that."

Now that she is writing about legal matters, what does she think ails Indian judiciary? "The main complaint I hear from the people is that our law is slow and often the crooks go scot-free. While I am not defending the legal community, I must add that the public must also cooperate with the law. You cannot be passive and expect the law to come to your aid. And of course we have to streamline the legal system by getting in more and more young judges."

Being a promising lawyer, Radhika also has social concerns. "We must rise above individual gain and work for the social cause. By social cause I do not mean starting huge organisations and undertaking great projects. Even if I could make a difference to one life, that would be quite an achievement. Some say India is in the dumps, but I do not agree. We are certainly marching forward. Why are we in a hurry, let's be patient and positive. If we work hard for the country and not for ourselves alone, India will definitely shine."

Intelligent and versatile, Radhika is always in demand whenever a cultural show or a fashion show is organised in the university. She anchored a TV show called Hamare Adhikar for Doordarshan. In 2003, she compeered a show for the Wadali brothers.

Radhika will certainly go ahead with her legal career, though writing will remain one of her main loves.

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